Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm Feelin 22

My 22nd birthday was by far the best to date. Steven was so sweet and spoiled me rotten all day long. He wanted to make it a day of memory-making, being sure that I would remember the day forever, and I really think I will!

He woke up early and made me a huge yummy breakfast! He snuck out of bed early and cooked for a solid hour without me even knowing! He woke me up with a kiss and wished me a happy birthday (for the first of a hundred times that day) and we ate breakfast in bed! It was so simple and so sweet.

I got ready for the day and went into work for a few hours, and I thought Steven was going to go into work for the morning also, but when I came home at noon, hour little apartment was filled with balloons, there was a banner hung across our kitchen, beautiful flowers were on the table, and a picnic lunch was waiting for us to take it out! It was the sweetest surprise. Steven had taken all morning to put it all together and wrap up my gifts to have out. He got me some fun little trinkets, a "coupon" for a gift that hadn't yet arrived in the mail, and the best surprise of all, letting me know of our appointment to go indoor skydiving later that afternoon! I was beyond excited. Steven knows the thrill seeker in me has always wanted to do crazy things like that, so  I couldn't wait.

After opening gifts and enjoying all the decorations, we headed out to the Ogden River Trail where we had lunch next to the river and went on the prettiest walk through the park the the botanical gardens. I feel like we are always going a million miles an hour, so it was so nice to just feel like we had the whole day to ourselves to enjoy being outside and with each other. It was the perfect day.

Later that afternoon, we headed downtown and went to the iFly center at the Junction in Ogden! We had a little training on what we were going to do, and then got suited up and ready to go! It was the most amazing feeling! My heart was beating and my eyes were watering and my sensitive teeth hurt so bad from the wind (haha, i'm 22 going on 75) but it was like nothing I had ever experienced before! I can't even think of a better way to explain it but to say IT WAS SO COOL!! 
It makes me want to do the real thing so badly now!!

After our crazy skydiving, Steven took me out to my number-one-all-time-favorite Cafe Rio. He knew that I wouldn't want or need some big fancy spread for dinner, he knew that I would want my favorite food on my special a Cafe Rio Pork Salad it was! I haven't been super impressed with our Ogden Rio since moving here, but my salad that day tasted especially good. :)

We were both pooped after a full day of fun so we headed home and put on a movie and cuddled. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.  Love that man of mine!!

xoxo Abby