Friday, May 2, 2014


This week, we are babysitting my boss's kids while they are out of town. We did this for 8 days in February when they went out of the country, but this time they're just getting away for 4 quick days down to Moab.

We are watching their three oldest kids.
Kate is 9, Charly is 6, and Jack Attack is 3.

We have an absolute blast every time we're over and from what their parents tells me, the kids don't mind us either. ;)

Because my boss is the one out of town, that lets me off the hook for work, but Steven (bless his heart) still has early morning seminary to teach, so he's been waking up at 4:45 in order to make it back up to Weber High from Farmington by 6:00. His dedication kills me..I would have called in so sick so soon! 

While Steven is at work, it's all about playing mom at home for me! The kids all wake up individually and we eat breakfast together. We get dressed, do everyone's hair, brush teeth and the girls head off to school. Jack and I have the whole day to hang out! And honestly, it takes everything in me not to pray to the heavens I have six little boys one day just like him. I can sit on the kitchen floor for hours and play cars or swing on swings outside and hear his little giggle. It's the absolute best. When the girls get home, we do homework and piano practice and tidy up our rooms. I get asked every 5 minutes "When is Steve gonna get home??" and by the time he does walk in the door, all the kids are over me and so anxious to play with him! 

Watching Steve with the kiddos is my absolute favorite part of overnight babysitting. You guys!! He is going to be the most stellar dad on day. We only have 3 nephews and whenever we are with them, everyone is fighting for their attention, so to see three kids just fawn on him and hang onto his every word for days on end just makes my heart melt.

Last night, he got home from a 14 hour work day and I'm sure all he wanted to do was go lay on a bed and close his eyes in silence for one minute, but that selfless man knew that I too had had a long 'work' day and thought I would like a break, so the second dinner was over, he was wrestling on the floor with Jack and sitting around the coffee table playing card games with three lovestruck kids. He let them use him as a jungle gym, and gave them shoulder rides back to their bedrooms. We took them to the gas station to get slurpies and he humored all of them by tasting each of their pink and blue and green concoctions that could not have been yummy. He rode in the back seat with Charly on the way home and teased and tickled Jack til the whole car filled with giggles. He gave Jack his bath and I had way too much fun, neither of them wanted bath time to end! He helped brush teeth and tuck the little ones into bed, and then took time to sit with Kate on the couch and let her talk about her day and the book she is reading and what ever else he wanted.

And just when I didn't think I could be more grateful or feel any luckier..he still let me lay on his lap in bed while he scratched my back.  I couldn't see him, but I'm betting his tired eyes were closed and begging him for sleep, but asked me all about my day and told me that I was pretty and that he loved me.

It's no question that I married the most perfect man for me. 
I look forward SO much to the day when we have our own little family of 5 (or 6 or 8). 
Please bless they're all little red heads like that cute man next to me!!
For now, these blonde and brunette pseudo kids of ours will do. :)