Friday, June 17, 2016

Second Baby Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

How Far Along? 24 weeks. 6 months, people!! Ahh!

Maternity Clothes? Yes! Always and forever. If I'm not in leggings and a tunic then I'm in a dress, and if it's neither of those two, then you'll likely find me in Steve's basketball shorts and one of his USU t-shirts. I've gotten big fast so I have like a solid 5 shirts and 3 dresses that I rotate through. 

Sleep? Not the highlight of my life these days. It's hard to get comfy and I'm constantly wanting to roll on my back. I also have been getting major leg cramps in my sleep so I have to stand up a few times a night to work out the charley horse that's eating my calves. 

Best moment this week? Being able to work a 35 hour week and feel great! A few weeks ago, my back would be super achey by the end of my work day but I think I'm building some muscle and endurance! I feel so lucky to still be feeling so good.

Worst moment this week? I was going to take of my gloves this week and put them in the trash, but dropped them on my way so bent over to pick them up. My patient in his chair said "Woah! It's very impressive that you can bend over that well!" Thank you sir, but I'm only 24 weeks, so you actually just ruined my day.

Movement: Little man is definitely a mover and shaker! I feel him all day but then he goes wild at night. I can feel his kicks strong but haven't caught a good time for Steve to feel him yet! Crossing my fingers that it's soon cause it's the funnest thing! 

Food Cravings: Ice water. Always! I just crave freezing cold water. And Cinnamon Life cereal. 

Food Aversions:  Not necessarily. There are definitely things that just don't sound good but I don't feel sick thinking about eating them.

Gender: Still a boy! And it's taking all my self control to not buy ALL of the baby clothes! I have officially scowered every Old Navy baby clearance section in all of Utah County. 

What I'm looking forward to: A super fun month of July! My parents will be in town, we're going on a few fun vacations and I'll have a couple weeks off work!