Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dear Sunday,

Dear Sunday, 
You are and will forever be my favorite day of the week.

Dear Kalynn, 
I'm so glad I got to see your pretty face at church today.

Dear Singing Time,
You exhaust me, but when those senior primary kiddos sang the Books of the Book of Mormon as fast as they could with every word memorized, man, my proud singing lady heart about burst.

Dear Apple,
Thank you so much for facetime. It makes my parents living all the way across the world just a teeny bit more bearable. I love Sunday afternoon facetime time.

Dear Afternoon Nap,
You killed it. You deserve a high five.

Dear Zimbabwe,
My best friend is coming to live there in 9 days and I'm not happy about it.

Dear Calendar,
You excite me so much these days - you've got one fun thing after the next jotted down in you and I can't wait for each one!

xoxo, Abby

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lets Try This Again

**inspired by my bff Kalynn, here we go again**

It's been eons since I've been consistent at blogging and without further explanation of why that is or why I'm back what the heck I'm going to write about,  I'm back. Lets try this again.

I'm at the absolute prime of my life. I am married to my dream man and I've almost got the marriage thing figured out. I'm gauging that based on the fact that I haven't ruined any of Steve's clothes in the laundry for at least a solid 3 weeks (ask him how many of one sock from a pair have snuck into the bleached white loads..) So three cheers for me. 23 years old and I can separate the colors and whites. 

We are living in my parents home while they're away in Africa, I'm weeks away from graduating from college (hallelujah), my hair has finally almost recovered from going from black to blonde to black one too many times, we've got lots of fun adventures planned for this summer and I had a crazy good banana for breakfast this morning (it's the little things).

So here's my little blog where I'll discuss my laundering victories, all of the things I love about Steve and a guaranteed picture overload every time I see my nephews and niece. 

Here's to setting & breaking goals, and being big enough to try and try again.

xoxo, Abby