b u c k e t . l i s t

1. travel to spain, norway, australia, and russia.
2. carve my initials in a tree with a cute boy.
3. meet Jacoby Ellsbury.
4. own a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
5. serve a mission.
6. design one building and see it built.
7. get married in the temple.
8. kiss under a mistletoe.
9. go skydiving.
10. go to a Yankees game.
11. have a baby!
12. get good at longboarding.
13. be in 2 places at once.
14. run a marathon.
15. learn how to snowboard.
16. make a difference in someones life.
17. plant a tree and watch it grow.
18. go on a blind date.
19. pack my bags and just go somewhere random with no plan at all.
20. live in my dream home.
21. be vegetarian for one month.
22. see real Japanese cherry blossoms in Japan.
23. fly first class.
24. fly in a helicopter.
25. witness the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.
26. go to Chicago.
27. go to a ball.
28. ride an elephant
29. see the Northern Lights in Norway.
30. ride a horse on the beach.
31. donate at least $10,000 to Operation Smile.
32. take salsa and tango lessons.
33. join a bowling league.
34. ski in the Alps.
35. ride in the worlds largest ferris wheel in London.
36. learn how to play chess.
37. donate blood.
38. be on "The Amazing Race."
39. sleep in a castle.
40. write an article and have is published in a magazine.
41. see the ball drop in person on new years eve in times square.
42. learn to like sushi.
43. go on a cruise.
44. join a Big Brother, Big Sister foundation.
45. cut the ribbon at a major opening of something.
46. meet my favorite childhood author, Gail Carson Levine.
47. read the Count of Monte Cristo unabridged novel.
48. be able to point out and name at least 10 constellations.
49. graduate from dental hygiene school.
50. fall in love.

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