Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Favorite Day of the Year

27 reasons I love Steven Anthony.

1. He is fiercely dedicated to his work, his family, and the gospel.
2. He loves with his whole heart.
3. He is a mama's boy.
4. His perfect eyebrows.
5. The way he loves to sing along with Les Mis.
6. The fact that he lets me start listening to Christmas music in October.
7. He automatically orders me a Diet Coke whenever we're out to eat.
8. He makes the best scrambled eggs in the world. 
9. He calls me Abs - only and always.
10. He is the sweetest to our 3 nephews (ohmygosh I can't wait to see him as a dad)
11. The way he loads the dishwasher particularly and perfectly.
12. His pristine oral hygiene (!!)
13. There are no limits to his dreams, desires, and list of adventures
14. His love for homes and renovation and house shopping!
15. The fact that he cuts his hair better than I do.
16. His big brilliant (braced) smile!
17. The thought that he puts into giving gifts & writing notes
18.  The way he tucks my fly away's behind my ears
19. Every time we're downtown and we pass the temple where we were married, he grabs my hand and says "there it is!"
20. He holds my hand during every prayer, always.
21. He is the greatest bargain shopper in the land & has taught me his ways.
22. He is terribly competitive and can make any game intense & fun
23. The way he takes care of his sisters and mine,
24. He is a worthy and dedicated priesthood holder who honors and loves his Heavenly Father
25. His killer dance moves 
26. How simply good looking he is.
27. He tells me that he loves me more than anything since ever & I know that he does.

My list could go on and on and on. 
I love who he is and all he does for me.
Happy Birthday, babe,  I love you!