Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dear Sunday,

Dear Sunday, 
You are and will forever be my favorite day of the week.

Dear Kalynn, 
I'm so glad I got to see your pretty face at church today.

Dear Singing Time,
You exhaust me, but when those senior primary kiddos sang the Books of the Book of Mormon as fast as they could with every word memorized, man, my proud singing lady heart about burst.

Dear Apple,
Thank you so much for facetime. It makes my parents living all the way across the world just a teeny bit more bearable. I love Sunday afternoon facetime time.

Dear Afternoon Nap,
You killed it. You deserve a high five.

Dear Zimbabwe,
My best friend is coming to live there in 9 days and I'm not happy about it.

Dear Calendar,
You excite me so much these days - you've got one fun thing after the next jotted down in you and I can't wait for each one!

xoxo, Abby

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