Monday, March 17, 2014

Ahoy, Matey

When we got married, I promised myself I would be one of those cutie-patootie-new-wife-blogmyheartout girls, and here we are, eight months later, and I've hardly even written in my journal, much less published a blog post.

I've given up on facebook, the only social media app I have on my phone is Instagram and typically that's all I need to feel like I'm caught up on everyone's lives. However, the site I visit most on my computer (aside from my online class sites..hoorah for college) is BlogLovin. I love love love reading others blogs and hearing about other people's lives. I've had to take a break from it now and then because I find myself comparing and wishing and getting-down-on-my-self-ing because others lives seem more glamorous or more exciting or more put together than mine. But the truth is, to me, my life is the most glamorous, exciting and put together thing in the world. Glamorous may mean top knots and oversized t-shirts, exciting might include Cafe Rio date night for the gabillinth time, and put together probably means I finally did laundry after a week and a half, but that's my life and I couldn't love it one single bit more. Except maybe if we threw in a disney cruise..(hint hint Steven..)  So as I've been reading blogs and folding laundry and listening to my professor from France lecture on the limbic system, I've gotten the itch to write again, to document my glamorous, exciting, put-together life. Because lets be real..I've never been happier, my life has never been so complete, and I'd be silly not to document all of that.

So here goes, ahoy to the Co-Captains.

PS. Co-Captains? It's an inside joke from way back when Steven and I were dating. We dreamed of having our own Yacht one day, and debated on who would be the captain. It came down to the fact that neither would dream of giving up that title, obviously, so we deemed ourselves the Co-Captians of said yacht. Cue the instagram hashtags..  Also, "EFY to Eternity" seemed just minorly cheesy for a blog name..

Happy reading, (to most likely myself which I'm totally fine with) and for old time's sake, here's my favorite photo ever taken of me and the hubs.

Cheerio, Abbs


  1. Love this, and you, and Steve-o, the redesign, the name, the picture, and your happiness. I LOVE IT ALL! And miss you all the time.

  2. cute beginning of a blog! i want to see more! Xo

    the well-traveled wife ♥

  3. you two are adorable!!!

    xo Lauryn