Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7th is my Lucky Day

26 Reasons I know I married the coolest guy on earth

1. Lets just start with this picture of that little scrunched nose and red hair. I pray every day that all my littles come out looking like you.
2.  I love the way you hold my hand during any prayer
3. I love the way you sing every part of to the hymns in church
4. I love the way you always ask me my opinion on what you should wear before you get dressed, even though you're more fashionable than me.
5. I love that you tuck my fly-aways behind my ears
6. I'm appreciate the fact that you don't make fun of me when you're trying to teach me how to play tennis and I just royally stink.
7. I love the way you yell at me like Shawn-T when we go on a long bike ride "Commmmeee onnn!!! You got thisssss!!"
8. You are the hardest worker I know, at work work, in your church callings, on your projects and in everything you do!
9. I love that every time you give me a blessing you ask me what my full name is and just laugh at yourself.
10. You make me laugh every single day without fail.
11. I love the way you interact with TV commercials, answering all the dumb rhetorical questions that they ask.
12. I love that you still look at me after any time you say my dads first name like "Abbs!! I did it!!"
13. I love the way you come hug me from behind every time I'm washing dishes.
14. I love when you offer to make dinner and 98% of the time it's Mac & Cheese.
15. I love that you pack my lunch in the morning - it always tastes better if you pack it!
16. I love that you have flossed every single day since we got married and you never ever did before.
17. I think it's great when you talk about things that I have to do in the "we" form. "We're going to kill that test tomorrow!" We're always a team.
18. I love when I'm in a changing room and you keep bringing and bringing and bringing more things for me to try on. If you could, you would buy me every store we walk into.
19. I love the way you talk about our future home down to the very details of the flooring and the front door.
20. I love that you find a coupon for literally every single thing you buy. You're better than one of those crazy coupon moms!
21. I love the way you interact with our nephews. Teddy especially loves his uncle Steve.
22. I love how every time we're down town and pass the Salt Lake Temple where we got married, you grab my hand and say "there it is!"
23. I love how much you love your mom and your sisters.
24. I love that you love to travel as much as I do. One day we'll see the whole dang world.
25. I love the way you sing your heart out with the radio, whether you know the song or not.
26. I love that you are mine forrreeeevvvveeerrrr and you don't ever let me forget it.

Happy birthday, babes. I will always love you.

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