Friday, March 27, 2015

I Like My Hair

Being in a fast-track dental hygiene program with 57 high-strung girls has been difficult and challenging to say the least. There is a lot expected of us and many of us could be considered "perfectionists" so when these don't quite go our way or our plates get too full, negativity and frustration set in. There have been so many days when you could literally cut the tension in our white-walled classroom with a knife. There are negative feelings towards professors, test questions, patients that cancel, quiz scores, and our forever growing "to-do" lists. I am more than guilty for adding to these comments and having these feelings but the negativity has been overly abundant lately and I'm about to pull my hair out! 

Winston Churchill said: 
“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; 
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” 

I love that quote because I feel like it teaches us that we have the choice in a potentially crappy situation to make the most of it and have a good attitude. I feel like my class could use a little more optimism and a little less pessimism, me certainly included.

I have a lot to work on and one of my dearest friends Brittany has taught me that making a goal is one of the best ways to break a habit. You have to start somewhere! So I've made a goal to kill these girls with kindness and with a happy attitude starting now! Oh I think they'll hate it, but maybe it can rub off on some of them and I won't lost any hair. I do like my hair. 

Happy Friday, folks. Aren't we glad it's the weekend?!

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  1. love this quote! too true!!