Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ode to Kalynn

My best friend in the whole world turned 23 today.
There's not much more than to say I love her and am beyond grateful she moved from St. George 8 years ago. 
She's the Susan to my Judith, the other pea in my pod.  
Love you, Kay. 
Happy Birthday.

hi we went to ITALY together.

and took a photo with every single gelato we ate. only we would.

Lagoon for Kay's 19th birthday. How was this 4 years ago?!

we used to get mistaken as sisters all the time. 
best. compliment. ever.

after marrying my bff, squeezing my other bff.

worlds best maid of honor!!


One of way too many Cafe Rio dates.

Lucky to call her my best friend. Love you, Kay.

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