Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dear Sunday...

Dear Sunday,
You came way too soon this weekend. Meaning, I feel like the weekend didn't happen at all and now all the sudden its almost Monday. Lame.

Dear This Quote,
I love the talk that you came from. I love the idea of not needing to walk WHERE the Savior walked but to focus on walking LIKE He walked. I need to work on that. Thanks for the reminder 

Dear Thanksgiving Break,
You are SOO close and boy I cannot wait. This little brain of mine needs a major break and you are just what the doctor ordered.

Dear Steven,
I missed you like mad while you were on your campout on Friday. I had to stay up extra late and watch an extra episode of Bones or two in order to get crazy tired and not think about being in bed alone. Also, sorry about the argument we had on the way home today. I wish I could take back every word.

Dear Cache Valley,
The whole 17 degrees that you were today was so stinking cold but you were as beautiful as ever. I had to close my lips tight as Steven thought aloud about living there again some day.  I pictured that today and almost liked it. Shh, don't tell.

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